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Why Videos is Top Choice for Digital Marketers

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Like all small and big businesses, your company will have a website and a Facebook page. Now you are looking at creating videos for your company and also wondering if it is worthwhile. The quick answer is yes, and here are some reasons why.


Digital marketing is incomplete without video

Company websites that have embedded videos fare better than those without video content. Your Facebook is dead without good content. The entire corporate marketing industry has undergone a sea change in the last few years. Videos have emerged as a major component in the overall marketing mix. It is a powerful vehicle to convey your corporate messages, help you build your brand and to connect with your target audience at an emotional level.

graphic showing that video is made with 30 images per second

A video says 30,000 words per second

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. But a video is made with 30 images per second. So theoretically, a video says 30,000 words per second or 3.6 million words in a 2-minute video. That’s a heck of a lot of information than you could glean in 120 seconds compared to reading scores of pages.

Thus, videos have an undoubted appeal that’s unsurpassed by traditional media. Unbox your new smartphone and you probably notice that the instructional manual is missing. They have been replaced by a QR code directing you to the manufacturer’s Youtube channel with a ton of instructional and user videos.


Consumers rather watch videos

YouTube recently came out with an interesting statistic. With a user base of more than a billion (only India and China have more people than YouTube, if it were to be a country), it serves millions of hours of video content every single day. A majority of the consumers are people in the age of 18 – 49. Users who are in their prime, have a high propensity to consume and have disposable income. Most importantly they are technically inclined.

Take that discussion a step further. A recently released study shows that nearly 60 % of marketing executives would rather watch a video than a lengthy piece of text. The figure drops to a still impressive 43% for people who want to see video content for marketing rather than written text or images.

Marketing videos that focus on the human touch do better.


Videos provide the human touch

More and more companies are finding that their marketing efforts need to have an emotional touch. Videos are the best marketing vehicle that can convey that emotion. The biggest message that comes across to a consumer is that the company isn’t just a box made out of glass and bricks. But it has a human heart, it is run by real people, people with feelings and most importantly people who understand what the consumers feel.


Video productions are not expensive

In the past, only larger companies with big budgets have the abilities to engage video production houses to produce videos. These days, with better and cheaper video and computer technologies, video productions are more affordable. More importantly, the cost is justifiable because, with the advent of digital media, videos have new avenues to reach your audience.


Videos provide online authority and drive traffic

Videos are an important component in your marketing mix to establish your brand as the authority in your market. Search engines like Google rank a company’s website based on its online presence. Thus, creating videos and sharing them in your Facebook and Youtube channel will help your SEO ranking and online presence. Think about how videos can educate your audience and help improve their lives. Make your videos engaging and shareable. Blog about your videos and publish them online. Do this consistently and grow your online authority will grow organically.


graphic showing 74% of all internet traffic is video in 2017


Video is great content and Google loves it

Make any keyword searches on Google and you will notice relevant videos appearing on the first page of your search. This is because online users love videos and Google is simply responding to what their customers want. In 2017, videos already make up 74 percent of all internet traffic, and it’s forecast to grow to 80 percent of all traffic by 2019.

So its time to create videos and embed them in your website. Share the videos on your Facebook and Youtube channel. Let us know your video production needs and we will help you create engaging videos that produce results.

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