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Video Ideas for Marketing Campaigns

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Videos are powerful tools to reach out to your audience. 55% of people watch videos online every day. By 2017, online video will account for 74% of all online traffic.

The traditional way of creating a single 20-minute long corporate video that encompasses everything your company does is over. More and more companies are seeing the need to create video campaigns, made from a series of short video to engage their audience and create brand loyalty. So let’s explore some video production ideas for your campaign.

A narrative short-film with a positive message is a great way to reach your audience


Awareness Video

Awareness videos are usually narrative short stories for viewers to understand your brand message and how it works in our daily lives. They end with a call-to-action. How to build the story for your brand? Start by knowing how your brand can help to solve common problems that your audience face? Then start building interesting characters that people can relate to. A story starts with a conflict, builds up to a climax and ends with a resolution. These are the building blocks of every story.


Educational / Instructional Video

While similar to awareness videos, educational video productions are straight to the point and the message is clear. The sole purpose is to make life easier for the viewers. They range from simple tutorials, reviews and how-to instructional videos that make technical things easy to understand. It is no surprise that educational videos are one of the most watched genres in Youtube.


Infographic Video

An infographic video is a popular form of animation that simplifies a complicated subject or turns an otherwise boring subject into a captivating experience. Infographics are useful in telling certain stories that live action video will struggle to deliver.  Some infographic videos can be a combination of live action and motion graphics.

Infographics are not location specific so they can be converted to different languages.


Product Video

Product videos highlight the USPs (Unique Selling Points) and benefits of the product at hand. While many product videos focus on the features of the product, we focus on how the product bring solutions to their clients and makes lives better.


Testimonial Video

Video testimonials are persuasive when an unbiased customer communicates how awesome your brand is. It is important to create testimonial videos that are believable and not heavily scripted. Focus on sharing personal experiences and talk about what your brand means to them.

Time-lapse videos make time-consuming tasks look simple.


Time-lapse Video

A time-lapse video is a great way to demonstrate a long sequence of instructions in a short amount of time. A time-lapse video is created by fixing a camera in a fixed location and capturing the event at regular intervals. This technique is often used in how-to videos can be done in a day.

Some time-lapse video productions require several days, months or years to film. Our sister company, Skyshot uses specialized Titan2 time-lapse cameras to capture long-term time-lapse videos.

There are many ways to create engaging videos and so check out our Vimeo video albums for ideas or contact us today.


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