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Tips on Creating Successful Videos for Your Business

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Videos have become a “must-have” for any company with intent to engage their audience and grow their businesses. However, a video is an effective double-edge sword, it can do good or evil. The one thing that you don’t want a video that gets you negative results and misrepresents your brand. My video production company has produced thousands of videos over the last 18 years. So we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Here are some tips will help you get the maximum bang for your buck.

Incorporate your message into an engaging story is more palatable than hard sell.


Focus on the story, not the product

Social media thrives on human emotions and that is why content that showcases human emotions are shared the most, liked the most and of course watched the most. Instead of ‘educating’ your audience about the benefits of your product or your brand, try and tell a story. An emotional one would be best. The last thing you would want is to tell about your product. That should literally be kept for the last. Your marketing video should concentrate on the story rather than the brand. Subtle use of your product name that embeds with the story is what you would ideally want.


It’s all about relevance

I’ve often been asked, how long should my marketing video be? My answer is… it depends on your content and how relevant is it to your target audience. For example, a 100 episode Korean TV drama series is engaging if you are a K-Drama fan. But for me, and more who don’t appreciate Korean TV drama, even 10 seconds is too long to watch.

Most digital marketers are too afraid of boring their audience. They prefer quick edits, fast pace videos with overly dramatic music. If your video is story driven by characters, give it some time for the emotions to develop. Don’t rush a feeling.


Core content should be the focus


Focus on your core content

First, you have to understand both your customer’s needs and your product’s unique selling points. With both views in mind, focus on the creating the core content with a unique voice. The core content is simply content that your competitors cannot easily replicate. This will help you create original content that will separate you from your competition.

Work with the scriptwriter and video director you engaged and help them understand your business better. A successful video is the result of great teamwork with all the parties involved.


Unlike a Swiss Army knife, a video should not be treated like a multi-purpose tool.


Videos are not Swiss Army knives

I have met many clients with high hopes that their video can be an all-in-one multi-tool that can address all their branding, marketing and communication needs. The video has to be an award-winning masterpiece, a Youtube sensation. It has to appeal to their audience and beyond, win trust from potential investors and also attract great talents to their company. And all this information has to be compacted into a 2 minutes video.

Unfortunately, this Swiss Army knife approach never works. Perhaps what you need is a series of short videos, each with a specific purpose. The messages will be clearer and the videos will be more effective in reaching out to your target audience.

In conclusion, producing a successful video takes good planning. Get help from video production professionals. You can find out more about us here. And hear what our clients have to say.

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